S-Video Cable 4 Pin 1.8meter

S-Video cables use shielded coaxial wire for supreme signal quality and noise prevention, offering the sharpest and brightest image available (even at one hundred or more feet). 

S-Video Cable, with the standard 4-pin mini-din plug (male) connector at each end. The cable is made of 75 ohm mini-coax video wire. This low signal loss cable allows lengths of up to 200 feet in most cases, with good signal strength. 

S-Video is typically used in high-end video applications and equipment, and on most satellite decoder.

Every home which subscribe to ASTRO TV Channel has an ASTRO Philips (silver color model) decoder  unit. Behind the Philips decoder unit there is a S-video output connector, where you can connect an S-video cable from the ASTRO Philips decoder unit to your TV set. 

If you use S-video cable, you will get the best, clearest & sharpest picture on your TV, LCD or Plasma TV set or a video Projector unit.